ICO/Token Newsroom

A quick Google will show you clearly that there is abundant news flow in the ICO and Token space. We have selected some links to stories that we thought gave good insight into the potential of the ICO/Token marketplace.

1)  Blockchain entrepreneurs are raising more capital through ICOs than thru VCs. This news clearly shows that momentum favors the ICO space.

2)  ZrCoin raises capital in first ever commodities backed ICO. The successful issuance of this token is an indicator that the market is willing to accept all kinds of industries as potential investments.

3)  Orocrypt is coming with a gold backed token. This is one of many ICO issuances – in the gold space – which means that the market is maturing faster than anticipated.

Orocrypt’s ICO – Ethereum Blockchain Meets Precious Metals

4)  Aragon raises $25 Million in 15 minutes. This success demonstrates that if an ICO is properly conceived, structured and marketed – it can have stunning success in a short period of time.

5) The ICO craze continues on maximum overdrive with the recent news that Filecoin raised $200 million in just sixty minutes. This kind of response is a sign of a healthy market and we suspect we will hear more stories like this in the days and weeks to come.

Filecoin’s ICO Shatters Records by Raising Nearly $200 Million in Just 1 Hour

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