Startup 1st round for RIPTSOFT creator of Riptidecoin RIPT the ico whitepaper for the future RIPT sstt software for mmj dispensaries.

This is a link to our whitepaper.

About our coin:
RiptideCoin is built on the lightning fast Ethereum Blockchain for safety and reliability. RIPT is tethered and tied to the price of ETH at ratio of 70ript = 1eth. This will be driving riptide coin’s price in addition! Also additional organic trades in exchange prices can increase or decrease the price of RIPT but will only determine the fluctuation of the price up or down. Ethereum will be the backbone of our currencies speed and reliability. RIPT is our version of Ethereum, a user-friendly adaption. Used for safe exchange in high-risk occupations instead of cash. The Coin itself can have multiparty uses including exchanging with others. The system is designed to provide accountable options for its transactions and could be traceable on programs like Quick Books bookkeeping software and others. The Riptide System and RiptideCoin can serve as the initiator of many exchange systems. Proposed for solving banking problems in a billion dollar MMJ industry which can in a general sense, make safer how people do business in high-risk